Grand Island Mansion Wedding: Jocelyn & Jake

Oh man, where do I even start with these two? I’ve known the Westhorpe family for years, I went to college with Jake (the groom)’s sister, Samantha, and shot her and Andrew’s wedding a couple years ago. I’ve done their family photos too, and have officially asked their parents to adopt me–seriously the most fun, amazing, welcoming family you could ever imagine! I’ve known bride Jocelyn now too through them, and knew her family had to be the same. And I was right. What seriously incredible people!

Their wedding had to get moved a couple of times due to this thing called COVID (not sure if you’ve heard of it) and I’m so thankful I was still able to shoot their big day. They had move dates and I was already booked, so they put a deposit down with another photographer. Then when they had to move again, they asked if I was available and when I was, they ate their deposit with the other photographer to retain me again. The biggest compliment, and most “make you feel good” thing ever! They were married at Grand Island Mansion in Walnut Grove, CA. What a gorgeous venue! It was my first time there but hopefully not last.

Some of my favorite moments:

-One of the Grandma’s fanning Jocelyn as she was getting dressed

-Jocelyn’s emotional moment with her best friend and matron of honor just before the ceremony

-Jake’s reaction to seeing Jocelyn walk down the aisle

-Their niece, Andy and every second I looked at her–she’s the cutest.

-Jocelyn’s Dad’s speech–absolutely hilarious!

-Just before the garter toss started the DJ asked into the mic “Photographer, are you ready?” and I heard Jake’s mom scream out “OF COURSE SHE IS!!!” Heart swoon.

-The many faces of Jake. He is NOTORIOUS for making funny faces all the time, and doesn’t stop during family photo sessions, or, apparently his own wedding photos. You’re welcome for all of these gems–truly speaks to how hilarious he is. And Jocelyn’s accepting, sweet nature of who he is is totally evident too.

You guys–I love you so much. Thanks for choosing me (and my second shooter Jonné) to be apart of your day! It was truly one for the books, and my first “real” wedding that felt like a small piece of pre-covid normal days. Your love for each other is incredible, and you guys are what we single people call “GOALS”. xo

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