Sweet Lane Gardens Wedding: Chris & Traci

I met Traci and Chris months back when we met up to go over the contract for their wedding, and I loved them immediately. I really don’t know how I’ve gotten so fortunate to have gotten lots of clients that I get along with, but Traci & Chris were no exception! They made me feel like an old friend that they just hadn’t seen for awhile, and their wedding day was no different. I’d never been to Sweet Lane Gardens, so it was fun to check out a new venue! Lots of options for photos as the entire nursery was at our disposal, as was a golf cart which was really fun to use (possibly terrifying for the others in the cart). Everything about their day was perfect! The weather, the setup, the guests, the sparkler sendoff, the dancing, everything! You can tell that they are both just incredible people who are so thankful to have been brought together by the world of online dating 🙂 So sweet!

Favorite moments:

–Fun fact: This wedding was the start of 3-in-a-row we had that included twins!

–Best. Dessert. Table. Ever. SO many options, it was amazing!

–Traci & Chris laugh a LOT. They are constantly smiling at each other, and laughing at the littlest things. Pair that up with Scout and I and you KNOW the four of us just could not stop!

–This was actually after the wedding, but shows how great of a person Traci is. She had mentioned they were going to Aptos (near Santa Cruz) for their honeymoon, so I had to tell her some spots to hit! I mentioned as I was telling her that I’m from there, lived there with my mom, and that her ashes are scattered on the beach near the cement ship. I told her to say hello to her for me if they made it there, and I got a text a couple days later telling me they’d made it and not only said hello to my mom, but told her that she raised an awesome daughter. So so sweet, thank you for that Traci!

Here are some of my favorites from their day. Note, image quality reduced for faster load times:

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