Crane Melon Barn Wedding: Matt & Kayla

I met Kayla & Matt last year when I took their engagement photos. I loved their easygoing-ness and love for each other (and animals!) immediately! I was so excited when they asked me to join in their wedding day at Crane Melon barn in Rohnert Park. It was the perfect day! The weather was gorgeous, the setup was beautiful, and everyone was incredible to work with.

There was SO much that I loved about this wedding, I think it would be hard for me to recap but I’ll tell you some of my favorites. As I mentioned on my facebook page, Kayla lost her mom. I can say that I know the feeling of not having your mom with you on your wedding day (as I lost my Mom 3 years ago) but I just adored how much she included her Mom in her day. They left a seat reserved for her in the front row, had ladybugs hidden around the property as they were her mom’s favorite, and Kayla even wore her mom’s ring around her neck. She was spoken of often, and I felt like I got an overwhelming sense of what an amazing woman she was just by how much she was talked about. Kayla, thank you for sharing that with me and all of your guests! You’re doing an excellent job of keeping her spirit alive.

Matt has to be the most easygoing groom of all time. I mean, most grooms are, but Matt took it to a whole new level. He was down with whatever I suggested, and really made the process so simple and tpainfree for me. Thank you Matt!!! Also, when Kayla got to the altar, she was already crying (in fact, the whole way down the aisle, which I loved) and Matt reached in his coat pocked, grabbed a tissue, and handed it to her. SO sweet.

Obviously, I loved that they included their dog, Maddie, in their photos. She is SOO cute and they even had a flower collar made for her. So adorable! I love that we were able to include her in both the engagement and wedding photos.

They played the shoe game at the reception, and I’ve seen this done at engagement parties but never at a wedding! I thought it was a fun little thing for guests to enjoy and have lots of laughs with. (The bride and groom each have one shoe of each of theirs, and when the DJ asks questions they hold up the shoe of the person that is the answer. For example, Who is most likely to leave the clean clothes in the dryer? Who is the better dancer? It’s so fun to see how their answers match and how they vary!)

Since their last name is Bartholomew, they had cute little programs made up called the “Bartholo News”. I LOVED it! So unique, and so special. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, reading about their lives, and the things important to them. Great idea guys, I think it was a hit!

I absolutely adore you both! Thanks for an amazing day. Here are some of my favorite images:

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