Petaluma Family Photoshoot: Silacci Brothers

I’ve been photographing the Silacci boys since before Joey, the oldest boy, was born! Their mom, Jessica, is my best friend’s cousin, and they have become some of my most frequent clients. I love watching the boys grow–and I love how adorable they are! They really are such happy, healthy, active boys. I love that Jessica has exposed them completely to their dairy lifestyle, and that they are proud of who they are <3 They are a hardworking, loving, fun family and I can see how much love they all have for each other. We met at Jessica’s mom’s house in Petaluma, where we’ve done photos before and where Jessica & Ben were married a few years ago. Her parents’ house is gorgeous–beautiful plans and flowers everywhere, space to roam around, and lots of animals to admire. Cody is almost a year old already–which is just crazy. We focused on some photos of him, since it had been awhile, and then got a couple of Joey & of the two together before adding their parents to the mix. Jessica always has cute ideas, and is so good about being quick through outfit and “theme” changes. I think some of my favorite are of the boys ready to go “hunting” while sitting on top of the chickens–seriously. The camo, the binoculars, the dog, the brotherly love…I about died.

Love you Silacci Family! Thanks for being so amazing! <3

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