Windsor Newborn Photoshoot with Sibling: Hannah & Haylee

Hannah & Haylee’s Dad, Nick, has been good friends with my fiancé for years. They have ben through a lot together, and it’s so fun now to see Nick with a family of his own. His fiancee Crystal is the sweetest woman on the planet, and her girls are just like her in that regard. Haylee just turned 6, just after her baby sister was born. She adores her–it’s so sweet to watch her interact with her. When we asked Haylee to kiss Hannah, she picked up one of her feet and kissed her on the bottom of her foot. So adorable! Nick & I are both avid Red Sox fans, so it was fun that they brought a little baseball onesie for Hannah to wear, complete with glove & bat accessories! We did a quick shoot at my house in Windsor, then went outside to get a couple sisters shots. Both girls did so well, I was extremely impressed! Hannah didn’t even cry, and Haylee was so patient and gentle with her sister. It’s going to be fun not only to watch these two grow over the years, but also to watch their sisterly bond grow. Thanks for coming over guys, I had a great time! Here are some of my favorites from their “newborn photos with sibling”:

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