Santa Rosa Senior Portrait Photoshoot: Tanner

It’s so fun to take sonoma county senior portraits. I get to meet so many seniors, so excited to finish high school and start their “real-life” journey! Some know what they want to do, and some don’t. It’s fun to talk about all their plans, fears, dreams, unknowns, and really get to know each of them on a personal level. It totally brings me back to being that age, and getting ready to leave home and move to Sonoma County. While Tanner, a Windsor High senior, doesn’t know what he wants to do right out of college, I really got to know what he likes to do NOW. He plays guitar, and I absolutely LOVED hearing him strum it during our shoot. I love acoustic guitar–it’s one of my favorite sounds! Some of my favorite songs are acoustic versions of well-known songs. It’s just such an emotional, raw, soothing sound to me…takes me to a place of instant relaxation! OK, enough about me. More than I love the sound of acoustic guitar, I love being able to personalize photoshoots. It’s so nice to feel like I captured who someone really is–and what they’re really about. Tanner & his mom also rode together in Tanner’s truck, so that we could use the truck during the session, too. Guys don’t typically get excited to have their photos taken–no matter what their age. But when you get their guitar/truck/favorite things involved, they perk right up! Tanner even had his truck washed before we met up, so it would look nice & clean for the photos.

Here are some of my favorites. I left out some, because I didn’t want the ones that show his license plate publicly. BUT, it’s a really cool personalized plate, having to do with an excellent rock band 🙂

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