Thunderbird Ranch Wedding: Brandi & Bobby

I’ve been (not so) patiently waiting to do this blog post! I had such a great time at Brandi & Bobby’s wedding in May! It was at Thunderbird Ranch in Healdsburg, and everything about the wedding was country heaven. I love every little detail from the boots, to the sunflowers, to the horseshoe favors, to the “hitchin-post” they were married at…just everything! Just to recap, one of my favorite moments was when Brandi’s dad came into the train car to see Brandi for the first time. She was crying before he even came in, and just the sheer look of pride and amazement on his face was spectacular. Another favorite moment for me was the toasts. Not only did Bobby’s Dad make me laugh, but Brandi’s sister & MOH, Julie, made me cry. So amazing! I think that toasts might be my favorite part of a wedding. I have to admit, though, the groomsmen were pretty funny at this wedding. That’s one thing that’s fun about my job- I get to capture these little fleeting moments that can be used as blackmail at a later date. Some of these photos couldn’t make it to the blog post… 😉

If you don’t remember seeing Brandi & Bobby’s engagement photos last year, I suggest you take a look. We did the photos then at Thunderbird Ranch, and recreated some of the poses at the wedding–so fun! You can see those by clicking here.

Brandi & Bobby–you love for one another radiates through your smiles when you look at each other…it’s something truly special & magical to see. Thank you for everything, I wish you guys the best! xoxo

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