Sonoma County Infant Photoshoot: Camila

Magali contacted me about doing photos of her baby, Camila, who was about 6 weeks old. She was just about 2 months when the shoot actually rolled around, and I just fell in love with her gorgeous face. Magali cracked me up–she said that Camila had so much attitude and was such a Diva, that she had begun calling her Miss Carey (after the diva herself, Mariah). I swear that stuck with me so strong cuz I couldn’t even remember Miss Carey’s REAL NAME! Seriously, I had to text Magali and ask. So embarrassing! But it was true, she was so full of personality, I just loved it!

Due to Camila being a little older, we didn’t attempt or expect the typical “newborn” shots. I would consider these more of a lifestyle-themed shoot, which is a great option if you don’t want the traditional sleepy/posed photos. I think there are pros to both ways, so whatever the client prefers is best! Please keep in mind that I like to shoot newborn photos within the first 2 weeks of life, if you want the traditional/sleepy/posed photos. If you want more of a lifestyle approach, we can wait however long you’d like.

I met them at their home in Santa Rosa, and had a great time. Camila was so full of life, as I mentioned, and we even got a couple of photos in their backyard with their dog. I’ve told y’all many times how much of a crazy dog lady I am….so obviously I was in heaven LOL. Thanks for a great day, guys! I had a blast with your little family. Here are some of my favorite’s:

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