Santa Rosa Engagement Photoshoot: Matt & Kristin

Matt is one of my boyfriend Joe’s oldest & best friends. He and his fiancée Kristin live in San Diego, so we don’t get to see them nearly as much as we’d like! We had engagement photos planned for their 4th of July weekend visit for a couple months, and Kristin told me they really loved redwoods and wanted to try to utilize them in their photos (they will also be married under them!) We decided to do our shoot at Riverfront Park in Windsor, as it was close, gorgeous, and I’m very familiar with it & the light. My boyfriend, Joe, came along as well and we had a great time chatting and laughing under the trees.

The love these two have for each other is so apparent in their interaction, joking, touching, etc. I can’t WAIT for their wedding in May, that I’ll be attending as a guest! So excited you guys, it’s gonna be great. Thanks so much for a fun day, you were so easy to work with and we love you! <3

PS: Kristin does amazing wedding flowers! Seriously, her arrangements are to DIE for. Centerpieces, bouquets, floral decor, you name it! If anyone needs a florist in San Diego or even in Sonoma County (maybe she’d travel!) ask me for her info and I’ll happily pass it along.

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