Crane Melon Barn Wedding: Stephanie & Aaron

Rohnert Park Wedding photographer!  Stephanie & Aaron’s wedding at Crane Melon barn was an absolute BLAST. You could tell that every single person was having a great time, and the entire venue was full of joy & laughter. I loved the details Stephanie had, the car the car they brought over for a prop, the barn, everything! BUT, I think I had two favorite parts of this wedding..

1st: The MOH & Best Man gave incredible speeches. Seriously, the MOH had the entire place rolling with laughter, myself included. I kind of wanted to steal her speech for my best friend’s wedding in April, but I guess I’ll have to be original and come up with something of my own. While she had everyone laughing, the Best man had just about everyone in tears, groom included. I love seeing the grooms overcome with emotion–it’s such a big day for BOTH of them, not just the bride. And his brother telling him how proud he was of him was just enough for that. It was so touching.

2nd: The first dance. I think that’s why I have so many photos of it. They smiled and laughed just about the ENTIRE time. It was so adorable.

I also loved that the MOH mentioned they hyphy movement & ghost riding the whip in her speech, then they played some Mac Dre & Mistah FAB during the reception. I’m about the same age as the bride, and this totally reminded me of my high school days in Merced! Lots of laughs and fun dance photos that I’ll leave up to the brides discretion of if she’s gonna share or not 😉

So hard to pick favorites, but I narrowed it down to just a few here:

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