Point Reyes Ranch Family Photoshoot: McIsaac Family

I have known Courtney for years. Here’s a fun photo of us a long time ago to prove it 😉


I think it was taken in 2008, at an ugly sweater Christmas party. We look so young!

Well I totally love her, but we had semi-lost touch for a couple years. Still did the usual Facebook chatting here & there, but recently we both have made bigger efforts to get back in touch…and it’s working! We are taking turns meeting at their house for dinner, our house for dinner, and in the middle in Petaluma (she lives out near Point Reyes, and I live in Windsor). We’ve met up at concerts, and seen each other at weddings. And I love having her & her bf Robin back in my life! They were such a huge part of my life years ago, it’s nice to know we can still stay connected all this time later 🙂

Anyways, on to the photos. Courtney’s family has a ranch near Point Reyes, and their ranch has one of my favorite animals–COWS! I’m actually kind of secretly scared of them, but I also love them. And want one. But the landlords (and the boyfriend) won’t let me. We got Court’s whole family together on the ranch for some photos, and it was a surprise to her parents! So sweet, they didn’t get to find out ’til that day. Here are some of my faves!

Love you court xoxo

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