Windsor Newborn Photoshoot: Ainsley

Newborn photos can be extremely difficult sometimes. I think the hardest part about them is that you never know how it’s gonna go. You always do your best to make sure it’s smooth, but babies are so unpredictable! I try to keep the parents calm, too. They can get stressed out if their baby is a little fussy, awake, hungry, etc. I am constantly reminding people, “Hey, we’re on the baby’s time here. They’re the ones in charge of this shoot.” And it’s true! Well, it may not have been so true for Little Miss Ainsley…she was an ANGEL! I was absolutely shocked that she did not cry the entire time I was there. Even with her big sisters running around and licking her 😉 I love newborn photos with dogs or other members of the family!

Here are some of my favorites:

Sonoma County Newborn PhotographerNewborn photos with dogsSonoma County Newborn Photographer

Sonoma County Newborn Photographer

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