Hooters Calendar Submission Photos: Kendra

Man, so many amazing things are happening for my best friends this year! You’ve heard about Melissa, my best friend who is expecting her first baby. In a couple months I’ll be sharing some exciting news & photos about my best friend Jocelyn, but for now let’s talk about Kendra. Kendra is a very good friend of mine, and was also featured in a photo in the All About Me Blog Post I did a few months back. We’ve been friends for a few years, and I also LOVE LOVE LOVE her daughter, Gia. Gia calls me “hot-dog”……. yes, I’m so serious. I’m her Hot-Dog DJ and I love it! These two are great staples of my life, and I’m so lucky to have them.

A couple weeks ago Kendra asked me to take a couple quick photos for her. She works at Hooters in Rohnert Park, and was trying out for the 2016 Hooters calendar. It’s a big deal, and they pick (I think) at most a couple hundred girls from all over the country. Every girl in every Hooters is eligible, they just have to submit 3 photos: A headshot, a uniform shot, and a bikini shot. The selected winners would then be flown (all expenses paid, of course) to the Bahamas to take part in the official Hooters photoshoot with the official Hooters photographers. Now, Kendra is drop dead gorgeous. I mean STUNNING (well, you’ll see for yourself). But I was still nervous for her, because that’s a LOT of girls to choose from across the United States. And, no one had ever been picked from the Rohnert Park restaurant. Well, I got this text message the other day:


Clearly I was excited…

So happy for you Kendra! You will have such an amazing time. Just remember: Play nice with the other Hooters girls and make lots of new friends & memories 😉 Here are the 3 photos I took of her to submit:

Hooters Calendar Photos Sonoma County Photographer

Hooters Calendar Photos Sonoma County PhotographerHooters Calendar Photos Sonoma County Photographer

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