Sonoma County Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot: Melissa

What do you do when you find out your best friend is pregnant?! Take pregnancy announcement photos in Sonoma County, of course! Man, where do I begin on this post? Guess the beginning is as good a place as any to start…

I met Melissa my freshman year of college at Sonoma State University in 2007. I was living in the dorms, and one of my roommates took us all to a friend of hers dorm on another part of campus. One of that girls roommates was from Sonoma County, and had some of her friends over. Confused yet? Well the details aren’t all that important, but that’s how Melissa and I met! We hit it off pretty quick and just randomly started hanging out here and there, then started hanging out every day, etc. I didn’t have a car, so Melissa would drive us EVERYWHERE–To the city, to the mall, to the clubs, to the grocery store, I mean Everywhere. I am so thankful for that, and all her help and friendship my first year of college. I immediately loved her family, and her parents quickly became known as my “Santa Rosa Mom & Dad”.

Melissa and I have one of those friendships that’s just EASY. We’ve made it through a ton of hurdles, and still remained friends. She moved out of the country. I got into a serious relationship and moved to Windsor. I started working two, at one point THREE jobs. She began working and living in San Leandro. Literally, there have been tons of things that could have easily caused us to grow distant, but it just never happened…and I’m so glad! I can always count on her. When my Mom died in January, she was the first one to show up at my house. When I’ve needed a helper on photo-shoots, she’s always showed up, smiling, happy to help out. Even when I was between dorm and apartment for a few days back in 2008, I lived at her house. I couldn’t be more excited for this new chapter in her life, and the new chapter in our friendship. Love you beez!

Here’s some photos from her announcement session we did, and of course, my favorite BFF photo we did just for fun. It’s a great idea for a photo shoot if your best friend is pregnant! Melissa also brought her dog Bella. Why do Chihuahua’s always look so scared? That’s Bella for sure, always looking afraid or mean LOL. I also took a photo of my dog, Kota, excited to have a new “cousin”.

pregnancy announcement photos in Sonoma County

Best Friends Pregnancy Announcement Photo

pregnancy announcement photos in Sonoma County

My dog, Kota, so excited to be a “cousin” 🙂

pregnancy announcement photos in Sonoma Countypregnancy announcement photos in Sonoma Countypregnancy announcement photos in Sonoma County

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