Sonoma County Couples Anniversary Photoshoot: Jocelyn & Danny

Jocelyn is one of my very best friends…we’ve been best friends since our freshman year of high school, and it’s thanks to her that I decided to attend Sonoma State University, and therefore thanks to her that I ultimately ended up in Sonoma County! We were roommates our freshman year of college, and just have always had a blast together. She is an RN at Stanford (I couldn’t be more proud of her) and Danny is a police officer. Seriously, all American couple right? They were celebrating their 6 year dating anniversary in Calistoga for the weekend (they now live in The City) and came to visit/stay with my boyfriend Joe and I on that Sunday night. When they showed up at my house I realized their outfits were just too perfectly coordinated to not snap a couple photos! If you’re wondering what to wear for your engagement shoot, what to wear to your couple shoot, or even what to wear to your family shoot, I think this is a great example of colors that compliment each other very well. They were both being so silly, I loved the laughter that was constantly erupting between them…and he dipped her all on his own, no prompting from me. So cute!

Love you both xoxoxo

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