Rosewood Events Wedding: Katherine & Matt

Before I even start talking about this incredible wedding, I have to start by saying the Bride & I go waaaaay back. Katherine and I met our freshman year of college at SSU, and were roommates for 2 years after that. Some of my funniest memories, best times, lowest lows, and most treasured memories are with this sweet girl and I was beyond honored to be apart of her day as both a guest and her photographer! Matt is a lucky guy, but I could tell within minutes of meeting him that she’s a lucky girl, too. They were married at Rosewood events, in West County outside of Petaluma. Such a gorgeous venue, and the owners were really cool too! Okay, here are some of my favorites from their day:

–The best man put on a dress he got at goodwill and pretended to be the bride for the first look. I mean doesn’t that just speak for itself? SOOO funny, and a perfect testament to the sense of humor they all have. Absolutely incredible!

–We got to ride in a side-by-side up to the top of the mountain and trample around during golden hour. HIGHLY recommend this venue for that capability!

–Katherine & Matt did a WWE style grand entrance. It was absolutely hilarious, and the whole reception went NUTS. They paraded around the “ring” with a belt and all. BEST GRAND ENTRANCE I’ve ever seen!

–Katherine’s niece is the CUTEST and was standing hanging on to my cowboy boots for awhile. Melted my heart! I felt like I almost got as many shots of her as I did of the whole bridal party!

–I love love. I love seeing love flourish, and it’s even better when I get to see it for someone I care so deeply about. That was probably the number one highlight of this wedding for me. I cry during every single ceremony I shoot, but this one I cried a little longer and a little harder. Love you both <3

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