Healdsburg Engagement Photoshoot: Adriana & Luis

I met Adriana & Luis at Rodney Strong winery in Healdsburg (really I consider it Windsor, but whatevs). I brought my best friend Melissa along with me that day, to help with the lighting/shading/diffuser. There’s a good chance you’ll meet Melissa at some point if you book a session with me. She is my go-to girl for holding that diffuser, she’s a pro! I’ll have to see if I can find a photo of her helping me, I know I’ve got one somewhere. Anywho, we both LOVED Adriana & Luis. From the moment we met shook hands/hugged, we knew–this was going to be a breeze. They were both so excited, both so sweet, and both SO IN LOVE with each other! I swear, both Melissa & I said “aww” or “omg!” a thousand times watching these two interact. All of the giggles/loving squeezes you see in these photos are 100% natural, not staged. They just love to love on each other, and be together! It’s amazing to see. Adriana also mentioned that Luis bought the heels she’s wearing in the second outfit…um, can you call my bf and give him pointers on surprising me with shoes?! Talk about a girl’s dream! Great job Luis!

We walked around Rodney Strong & J Wineries and found some great spots. I loved doing your photos, guys! Thanks for a great day <3

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