Santa Rosa Round Barn Family Photoshoot: Annii, Joel, & TJ

You all have heard how I know Annii a million times, but let me refresh your memory… maternity photos, newborn photos, family of 25+ photos, her brother’s twins photos, her cousin’s family photos, and now her “TJ is 6 months old” session. Annii & Joel are they type of people that make me feel like I’ve known them forever. She knows that I’ll say “one more” when I really mean like 50, and I know she’ll be asking me to see the photos like one minute after we leave a shoot 😉 I am SO comfortable around them, and they totally make me laugh and happy to be doing their photos! If you need proof of how great of people these two (well three, including baby TJ) are, here it is: When my mom died, I got a card in the mail from them. It was sooo sweet, so thoughtful, I was just STUNNED. It’s like we’ve been friends for years, and I love that about them.

For this session we decided on the round barn in Santa Rosa, which is quickly becoming a favorite amongst clients of mine (and of many other photographers too!) and is easy peezy to shoot at. We were faced with a slight challenge though–direct sun in the middle of the day! Poor Joel could barely keep his eyes open every time he took his sunglasses off. Luckily for us, some clouds rolled in and we had quick/brief windows that we could spring into action! Thanks a million guys, always love getting together with you (obviously, by the lovefest in the first paragraph).

Annii & Joel were also featured in my “What to Wear to you Photoshoot” post! Be sure to check it out.

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