Windsor Family Photoshoot: Tregenza Family

Sierra & I have been friends for a long time… lots of great memories together throughout the years. You may recognize her from the maternity photos I did for her last year (see those here) over off Petaluma Hill Rd. Well, Baby Mark is over 6 months old now! I can’t believe it, time is just flying by. He is so freaking cute, and so is his big sister Jaylee. To make things easy, Sierra & Tony decided just to bring the kids over to my house. They’ve been there many times before, and it just made it easy for the photos. I LOVE where I live…5 acres in Windsor, near the airport. It’s so amazing! Country, but close enough to the city for those emergency Walmart/Safeway runs.

I’m really happy with the way Sierra coordinated outfits, too! She & Jaylee wore pale pinks, and the boys wore blues. They complimented each other nicely and they had a nice combo of solids/patterns! Good job girlfriend, you’re starting to be a pro at this 🙂

I love you & your little family!

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