Santa Rosa Family Photoshoot: Miyano Family

As soon as Kelly contacted me about doing their family photos, I was excited–not only did she seem like such a sweet, genuine girl, but she also told me they were planning to include her husband’s family. His parents, brother & his family, and grandparents on both sides. I love that! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it time & time again…I love when when people bring their extended family together for photos. It’s something so special to have, makes great gifts, and is such a great reminder of a staple in time when everyone was together. Kelly & I discussed location, and had a few different ideas thrown around. When it came down to it, we actually just decided to take the photos at her in-laws house, as it would be easier of the grandparents to get around. I’m always a little skeptical when people tell me they want to do photos at their house, if I’m being honest…only because it’s unfamiliar territory to me, and I don’t know what the light will be like in the areas they have in mind. Luckily for me, I knew it would be perfect the second I pulled up out front. There were big beautiful trees and rocks in the perfect spot according to the sun! The babies are only a couple weeks apart. How fun is that? Having a cousin so close in age will be so much fun for them when they get older! Everyone seems to get along great, too. We got some great shots. Take a look!

Santa Rosa Family PhotographerSanta Rosa Family PhotographerSanta Rosa Family PhotographerSanta Rosa Family PhotographerSanta Rosa Family Photographer

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