Punky’s Pumpkin Patch Couples Photoshoot: Hope & Seth

Remember in past posts when I told you I worked a full-time job, in addition to my very full-time job as a photographer? Well I work with a guy named Seth at my “day job”. He’s a great guy, and we get along great…which is pretty much how I knew I’d love his wife, Hope. And he told her the same thing! Hope runs a fashion blog (that I always find inspiring, not to mention hilarious) and contacted me about doing some photos for her blog. I was stoked! She also had a super great location idea, as it was towards the end of October, and we went to Punky’s Pumpkin Patch in Santa Rosa near the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts. Actually, we took some photos AT the Wells Fargo Center before heading into the pumpkin patch. Seth came along as well so, of course, I had to snap some photos of them together. Any chance I get to capture love, I’m all over it. Here are some of my favorites (there were soooo many) from that evening. Once the lights came on inside the pumkin patch, I was squealing! Oh, and you can find Hope’s blog here (I reeealllyyy think you should check it out):

H.H Designs Blog


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