Petaluma Maternity & Family Photoshoot: Tregenza Family

Sierra and I have been friends for (oh geeze, I have to do math?!) about 7 years now. OMG! Really? I just made myself feel old. BUT, what makes me feel even older, is that we are both real-life adults now, and she is married and expecting her first child! She is already a great stepmom to little miss Jaylee, and a great wife too! I really have to give my props to her husband Tony– Sierra can be stubborn, hard-headed, loud, and is super super tough…it’s just how her daddy raised her <3 That’s probably why we get along so well, come to think of it…birds of a feather do stick together, after all.   Sierra lost her dad almost two years ago, and they will be naming their son after him, and after Tony’s dad as well. Such a sweet tribute. I love you Sierra Tregenza! And I can’t wait to meet & spoil my little nephew Mark Thomas <3

For their maternity shoot we did a couple photos with the dogs in their backyard, then headed over to nearby Sonoma Mountain. In case you were wondering, no, that’s not fog in the background behind the fence. Just gorgeous, natural light. Wowza.

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