Round Barn Senior Portrait Photoshoot: Claire

I met Claire probably around 5 years ago, when I met her older brother Brad. Brad is my boyfriend Joe’s BFF, and one of my best friends now too. Claire contacted me about doing her senior photos (still can’t believe she’s a senior?!) so we set it all up, and I then contacted Brad… Since he’s quite a few years older than his sister & brother, I didn’t know if their mom, Cindy, really had a lot of photos of the 3 of them together…so Brad and I set it up so that he would pick up his brother, Jack, and meet us while we were doing Claire’s senior photos. Everyone knew–except Cindy. It was so funny, hearing Brad’s diesel pull up RIGHT next to us, in plain sight, and she still had no idea. Then they went and parked, and came down to where we were. Cindy finally realized who it was and was soooo surprised! After we wrapped up Claire’s time, we got a few shots of the 3 of them together. It was really fun. I just love them all! Claire is such a beautiful, sweet, smart girl. Here are some of my favorites from her session:

here’s cindy, when she realized brad & jack showed up unexpectedly!

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