Oakmont Wedding Photoshoot: Bre & Aaron

I first met Bre & Aaron when I photographed their maternity photos. After that, I photographed their son Brooks’ newborn photos, their Christmas photos, Aaron’s entire family photos, group photos, Brooks’ 6 month photos, Brooks’ first birthday party, their engagement photos, and now their wedding day. What a journey we have been on together! We started hanging out outside of “work”, and I consider them both great friends. I was super nervous to photograph their big day–there is actually just as much pressure, if not more, when you are photographing something that important for friends. Plus, it was my first traditional and solo wedding…but I think it went great! My boyfriend, Joe, came along as my assistant and second shooter, and did a great job. I totally loved seeing him participate in something that I am so passionate about! I had a great time at the wedding, and really enjoyed myself not only as a photographer, but as a guest. Thanks guys! It was a beautiful day & night.

Here are some of my favorites:

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