Sonoma County 24 Weeks Baby Photoshoot: Leo

I first met Samantha and Zac when I photographed Leo’s newborn pictures at the beginning of the year. It’s so crazy how time flies! I swear when Samantha contacted me and told me Leo was just about 6 months old now, and it was time for his next shoot, it felt like we had just finished his newborn photos like the month before. It’s always fun for me to see how much my baby clients have grown! We headed over to Shiloh Regional Park in Windsor (where the McCoy girls’ first birthday party was also held!) and had a great time. Leo was just the cutest. He didn’t give as many smiles as I’d hoped for, but was the first baby to not let out even one tiny cry! Such a good, sweet boy.

Here are some favorites of mine from their shoot:

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