Danielle Joy Photography: Meet My Second Shooter

Exciting news over here at Danielle Joy Photography! I am transitioning to having a second shooter at all of my weddings. Currently, you can still book weddings with just me, but be warned that moving forward I will be strongly encouraging the addition of a second shooter to your  wedding package. Having a second shooter is absolutely beneficial not just for you, but for me as well! And my second shooter is the BEST. She is friendly, intelligent, and talented.

EVERYBODY, meet Scout!

Here’s a little blurb from her introducing herself:

Hi there! My name is Scout DeNatale. I am an incredibly proud and dedicated mother to two beautiful little boys. My family and my passion for photography are the most inspiring elements of my life. Being born and raised in West Marin County instilled in me an undeniable love of the ocean, salty air, days on the beach, and most of all, a sense of appreciation for close knit communities. Which is probably why I love working with people!

Immediately after my first son’s birth, my photography became more valuable and essential than ever before. Time seemed to dart by and I desired to preserve as many moments as I could with my growing baby. Capturing precious images of my family helps me take in the present moment and cherish it forever. It is my wish to share this delight with others.

I consider myself an especially empathetic and compassionate person. That being said, I take pride in capturing genuine emotional connections, whether it be on your wedding day, or a seemingly ordinary day for a family portrait… 

I have recently started second shooting weddings with DJ this summer and it has quickly become an undeniable perfect match. We compliment each other extremely well and are able to perfectly capture different essential aspects of such extremely special days. I love all of the little moments in the wedding day that makes it so special, unique and full of love. And capturing them with DJ has been an absolute joy. We are constantly giving each other creative ideas, encouraging each other to try new things and also I love being the person there when she may need a helping hand to make sure we get every lasting memory caught on “film”.

Scout and I get along seamlessly, which is something I always hoped for in a second shooter. Having her with me makes such a huge difference! She keeps me on track, helps get my creative juices flowing with someone to bounce ideas off of, and is a HUGE help to me in the chaos of weddings. Plus, she bought me a new lunchbox…um how sweet is that?! Now, potential brides don’t just want to hear how she helps ME, but how she will help you! Having a second shooter helps to get shots of things that I may not see while otherwise occupied shooting. Say I’m photographing the bride and groom, and all my focus/attention is on them at that moment. There’s a good chance I’ll miss your grandmother and niece giggling together in the corner, or your best man spilling a beer on the maid of honor–images you’ll wish you had! While I feel confident in shooting weddings alone, I’ve realized that I simply cannot be in two places at once. This is where a second shooter comes in! And Scout takes beautiful images and can anticipate what I’m going to say/do–this is where SHE specifically comes in.

We decided to have a little fun and do a session together to introduce her to my existing and future clients. We seriously couldn’t stop laughing, which is just a small testament to how well we work together.

**the exploding champagne and sunglasses images (just about EVERY groomsman wants to wear them!) were inspired by clients we’ve shot together. Our matching camera bags are by House of Flynn

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