Golden Gate Bridge Proposal Photoshoot: Evan & Tracey

Evan really thought of it all! I was so impressed. I met him at the Battery in Sausalito, at the Marin Headlands just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. I admitted to him when we met that I tend to take the bridge and it’s gorgeous views and vistas for granted! That’s what happens when you live so close, I suppose. It was really nice to be up there a few minutes early and be able to take a moment and stop and appreciate it’s beauty. OK OK, back to the proposal.

Evan & Tracey live on the East Coast, in North & South Carolina (if I remember correctly). Tracey flew out to visit her best friend in San Diego, then flew to SF to visit her aunt–and her mom was there, too! Unbeknownst to Tracey, Evan took a flight the same morning to San Francisco to surprise her and propose to her in front of the Golden Gate (#swoon). Their flights actually were set to land around the same time, so Evan had to be careful and coordinate with Tracey’s Aunt to make sure he wasn’t seen! Once they had Tracey, he grabbed a rental car and drove up to the overlook–enter yours truly!

It. was. packed. I forgot that it was also fleet week in the city, so people were out even midday on a Wednesday, like crazy! We couldn’t even find parking! Finally I just found a spot up on the third level, and hopped in with Evan so we only had to find one spot down below. We waited, and after getting our spot stolen from some d-bag, we finally found a spot and walked up past the battery to the overlook. Now came the tough part–where to hide Evan. After much scouting and debate, we finally found a spot down in the battery underneath a staircase. Evan also showed me a picture of Tracey, taken by her aunt that afternoon so I’d know what she was wearing–a white jacket with small black spots.

They’re here! Evan got the text so we got into position. I watched, and waited. And watched, and waited. And watched. And waited. It felt like an eternity, and I was soooo nervous! OK wait, is that them? Short blonde hair like the photo Evan showed me, but she’s not wearing a jacket! Oh no! Is it her? There’s a jacket around her waist, and it’s white. But does it have spots? Oh geez, so stressful!

There’s just a glimpse into my head at the time 🙂 Spoiler alert, it WAS her. I waited for them to get into position, take a couple pictures together, then stare out at the vista. Then I gave the signal to Evan. The rest is history!

Oh, spoiler alert #2: She said yes!

Here are some shots:


Evan thinking about what’s to come 🙂


There he goes, into his hiding spot. He was under that staircase for awhile!


There she is! White jacket around her waist!


Aunt & Uncle packed champagne!


The whole crew!


Tracey & her Mom.

Thanks guys, it was seriously such an honor to be there and be apart of that moment! My favorite part was when Tracey noticed me photographing, post-proposal, and said, “Um, is she with us?!” So great!

I wish you nothing but happiness in your lives together! Keep me in mind for those wedding photos! I travel 😉

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