North Bay Engagement Photoshoot: Logan & Lindsey

I love getting to see old friends from high school! Logan and I were friends all throughout our days at Merced High, and shared many great times & laughs together. Thanks to him, I learned how to gamble in the back of Spanish III Honors, where we played 7, 11 or doubles for dollar bills almost every day 🙂

He and Lindsey are both from Merced, and now live in Sacramento. I was super excited when they messaged me and asked me to take their engagement photos! I was even MORE excited when they offered to come to me, and I didn’t have to travel far. There was a lot of traffic on their way over, and we ALMOST ran out of light! It was a serious close call, but we were able to move quick and jam to our second location to get everything done. I just loved how SILLY they are with each other! Seriously, so hysterical to watch. My BFF Jocelyn came too, and we were laughing the entire time we were all together! It was great to see them both again, and we got some great shots in the quickly-fading-light.

GUYS, lets seriously pick a weekend for beer/wine tasting! Can’t wait to see you both again!


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