Sonoma County Senior Portrait Photoshoot: Christa

Christa is such a strong, motivated girl. She graduated from SSU in just 4 years (which is actually difficult to do these days–took me 5.5!) with TWO degrees. She plans on teaching at the elementary level (I think she said 2nd grade, but I can’t remember for sure).

We met at Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa to do her college senior photos. We got to chatting (I know, shocker, knowing me) and I really enjoyed getting to know her. Turns out we had something in common–we had both recently lost a parent. Christa lost her Dad to cancer, and it’s been incredibly difficult. I know the feeling, after losing my mom unexpectedly in January. I am so proud of her, not even really “knowing” her, for graduating with an excellent GPA and continuing on her path to achieving her goals. It can be SO hard to stay motivated when you go through a loss like that, but this girl really showed me that it can be done. Way to go, Christa!

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