Sonoma County Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot: Ryan & Monica

I was so excited when Ryan contacted me to do their family’s photos…I just love baby announcements! Everyone is typically so happy, and there is just an easy “fun” feeling in the air. Well, when we got to the location, literally the second we stepped out of the car, it started to HAIL out of NOWHERE! We quickly ran back into our cars, and decided to wait it out since we were ahead of schedule anyways. Good thing we did, the hail stopped after about 10 minutes and the skies stayed calm just for us.

Ryan’s son Mason didn’t know about the baby yet, so I got to watch the other kids tell him. He got all bashful, then shouted, “I hope it’s a girl!!!” It was so sweet.

There were two things that were really meaningful to me, personally, from this shoot… First, Bailey brought her BFF along and we were able to get a couple photos of the two of them together. This is something that my best girlfriends and I do every year! I loved it. Second, Bailey & her mom, Monica, wanted a couple shots together. It was so heartwarming to see a teenage girl loving on her mom, especially after losing my mom almost two months ago. It really made me happy, and made me think of my mom. I got kinda lost reminiscing in that moment, and had to fight back a couple tears! Thanks for that guys–it was so nice to see. 🙂

I love this little combined & growing family, and had a great time! Can’t wait for our next shoot together! Here are some of my favorites:

Explaining what the sign means to Mason (in the back on the right) 🙂

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