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Flying Cloud Farm Wedding: Ray & Lyndsay

Lyndsay & Ray were married at Flying Cloud Farm in Petaluma. As with any November wedding, I was nervous about rain. I knew they had an indoor backup option, but of course you want to be able to have the outdoor wedding you envisioned if possible! It had rained a lot that week, but we...

Petaluma Engagement Photoshoot: DJ & Johnny

I’ve known Johnny & DJ for a few years now through mutual friends and good old KJ’s (RIP) and had a blast taking their engagement photos! DJ & I always joke because before we knew each other, people would always get us mixed up. Easy to do, we have the same name and both have...

Petaluma Dairy Farm Animal Photoshoot: Silacci

I’ve photographed for the Silacci family a zillion times (okay, maybe only a billion) so I was really excited when Jessica contacted me about doing photos of her horses and cows! They live on a dairy in Petaluma, and I just LOVE going there. It’s so fun to see how great her boys are with...

Petaluma First Birthday Photoshoot: Cody

If you don’t recognize this family, you haven’t been around long 😉 I can’t even count the number of times I’ve photographed this bunch. Jessica is my best friend’s cousin, and I’ve been fortunate enough to watch her family grow for a long time! We combined their christmas card photos with Cody’s first birthday photos,...

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