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Merced Senior Portrait Photoshoot: Remi

It’s hard to believe my step-sister, Remi, is graduating high school! I first met her when she was like 5 years old, before her mom & my dad had even begun dating or even met! She is a BEAUTIFUL girl, inside and out. She’s incredibly giving, intelligent, and caring. She is an excellent basketball player, and...

Rahilly Park Family Photoshoot: Fitzgerald Family

My brother Lee and his family came out for Thanksgiving from Colorado again this year, and we decided to head over to Rahilly Park in Merced for some family photos. We initially were hoping to get a ton of just Amaya (in addition to ones of the family), for her 1-year photos, but she was...

Private Ranch-Style Wedding: Malone-Huff

This was a very fun wedding for me, because this is my family. My dad & the bride’s dad have been best friends since the 3rd grade back in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Us kids have all grown up together, and my dad is the bride, (Jessica)’s godfather, and we’ve allr really felt like sisters growing up....

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