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North Bay Family Photoshoot: Follenvaider Family

I’ve been doing photos for this family for as long as I can remember. Angela used to be a coworker of mine at an old job, and I’ve known her since her daughter, her oldest child, was born! So crazy, time just flies. We usually get together once a year for a family session, and...

First Birthday Photoshoot: Hunter Miranda

I just loved shooting Hunter’s 1st birthday and family photos! Seriously, they all rocked it! Hunter really didn’t want to be put down–he wasn’t sure of the strangers & his surroundings! But we were able to get lots of laughs out of him by having mom & dad throw him in the air, give him...

Destiny Bridal Party Photoshoot

Samantha booked me to photograph her bridal party & family, before they headed off to their reception. Such a great idea! They were actually married a couple months prior, and decided to have photos taken on the day of their reception. We met at a local county park that Samantha chose, and I was able...

Windsor Birthday Party Photoshoot: Rigby

I met Rigby, his mom, & Grandma at a park in Windsor for his birthday photos. I LOVED this idea! Running around chasing kids and really letting them be their true selves–laughing, playing, and showing all their character & personality! Plus, I got to play at the park and on all the structures with no...

North Bay Family Photoshoot: Wells Family

I thought I had been caught up on all my blog posts from the fall, but I somehow forgot an extremely cute little family! Hayley is my hairdresser and friend, and My fiance has known her husband for years and years. I’ve talked about them before in one of my previous blog posts, which was...

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