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My Favorite Photoshoot Locations in Sonoma County

With a large number of photographers constantly emerging in Sonoma County, I feel like there is always an underlying sense of competition. Photographers are nervous about asking others in their industry about favorite locations, favorite presets, and other advice we could all benefit from by sharing with one another. I remember when I first started...

Presidio SF Family Photographer, Family Photos San Francisco

Presidio SF Family Photographer, Family Photos San Francisco : I’ve known this family since before baby girl number two was born, and always enjoy traveling to the Presidio to photograph them. While I’m not always crazy about spending time in “The City”, the Presidio is easy access and has so much diversity and beauty to...

San Francisco Presidio Wedding: Jason & Lori

Jason & Lori were referred to me by my best friend Jocelyn, as Jason used to be Jocelyn’s husband’s partner at work. I met them for coffee and knew instantly that they were my kind of people, and that their wedding would be a blast. Jason was adamant that Lori wear a white dress, and...

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