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Headshot Photoshoot: Earthtone Construction

headshot photography Sonoma county

I did photos for Kristen a couple years ago during one of my mini-shoots, and she contacted me again recently to take headshots at her work, Earthtone Construction. What a fun crowd! Seriously, I picked a spot on the plaza in Sebastopol right by their office, where the lighting was prime and they’d be neutral. After...

Commercial Photoshoot: Pezzi King Winery

Here’s something a little different than the usual people portraits! I was contacted by one of Pezzi King’s employees, Brandii (who’s family of 25+ I did photos for back in December!) and asked to do some photos of their winery. They didn’t really have a lot of photos of the grounds, which is a real...

Commercial Headshot Photoshoot: Gullotta Law Group

For those of you that don’t know, I also have a full-time “day job” on top of running my own photography business. I stay pretty busy, but love it! We have an estate planning attorney that works out of our Santa Rosa office one day a week, who has an office in Sonoma as well....

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