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Windsor Birthday Party Photoshoot: Rigby

I met Rigby, his mom, & Grandma at a park in Windsor for his birthday photos. I LOVED this idea! Running around chasing kids and really letting them be their true selves–laughing, playing, and showing all their character & personality! Plus, I got to play at the park and on all the structures with no...

Merced 2nd Birthday Photoshoot: Nolan

2nd birthday photo ideas:  My Godson turned 2 y’all! I know, doesn’t it seem like just yesterday I blogged about his first birthday party? It does to me! We went down to Merced for sweet Nolan’s birthday again this year, and he had a little bit smaller party than he did for the big 1st...

Santa Rosa 1st Birthday Photoshoot: Presley

Hayley is my hair stylist, and has been doing my hair for at least 5 years. I think I started going to her before I was even 21! I used to box dye my hair and never thought I’d pay someone to do it for me…well, until my hair started turning GREEN! I was traumatized,...

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