Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with my photography package? Do you offer prints?

After your shoot you’ll receive a disc of at least 30 hi-res retouched images (for regular and newborn shoots, and at least 300 images for weddings), and a print release for you to print as you wish. I do not sell any type of prints, products, albums, etc., but can give recommendations on good quality photo labs.

What’s your turnaround time for images?

No more than two weeks for regular sessions, and no more than 2 months for weddings.

Do you bring props?

I bring some for newborn photos (mainly stuff for the baby to be in/on), but even that is limited. I’ve found that everyone is so diverse, with such different styles and desired looks, so I leave props up to the client. You don’t HAVE to have them either– sometimes less is more!

What should I wear to my session? 

I recommend wearing colors that compliment each other. I do NOT and will NEVER recommend everyone wearing jeans and the same colored shirt! Check out my blog post on what to wear:

How flexible are you if we’re running late?

While I don’t necessarily get asked this question often, I thought it was important to address. I do my best to be flexible if you’re running behind, especially if you’ve communicated that to me! I do, however, book multiple sessions in a day, and may have a set time I have to leave by to make it to my next clients on time–this means you may lose some of your shoot time if you’re more than 10 minutes late.

My boyfriend/husband/spouse HATES taking photos. How do you know we’re gonna get some good shots? 

I have a boyfriend who feels the same way, and trust me, almost every man that comes to a photoshoot is less than thrilled to be there–at first. I am a people-person, and strive to make people as comfortable as possible in front of the camera! I promise you (and him) that it will be fun! He may not want to admit it afterwards, but he (and you!) will be pleasantly surprised.

I’m worried my child/toddler will have a meltdown during our session. What can I do to try to make sure it doesn’t happen?

Here’s the secret–sometimes it DOES happen. Both you and I will do our absolutely best to ensure it doesn’t, but hey, kids run the shoots sometimes! Do your best to NOT stress prior to your shoot, as kids can easily pick up on that. I know bribery isn’t the best parenting tool, but it can come in handy with photo shoots! The most common one I hear is ice cream for good behavior 🙂 Just know that I won’t judge you, your child, or your parenting techniques no matter the situation! I once had a child having such a bad meltdown the entire ride to our shoot, he just would NOT calm down, and we had to reschedule when they arrived. Turns out he woke up the next day with a fever and the flu! Sometimes it’s just unavoidable, and completely understandable.