Sebastopol Senior Portrait Photoshoot: Brooklyn

I met Brooklyn and her family a couple years ago–I photograph a LOT of these family members, and am really close with Julie’s nephew and wife (I photographed their wedding last summer). Brooklyn is so genuinely sweet…I totally enjoyed talking with her, and hearing about her post-high-school plans. She’s a great soccer player, and will be playing at the collegiate level in Colorado this year. We definitely had to incorporate some soccer into her photos, which is something I always recommend to seniors. If There is something you are so associated with and good at during your high school years, that means so much to you, showcase it in your senior photos! The whole point is to capture who you ARE at this pivotal time. And sports/extracurricular activities are always such a great thing to incorporate.

We did the photos at their home in Sebastopol, and I always enjoy going out there. It’s such a gorgeous home with variety all around the property and even down the street in their neighborhood. Check out some of my favorites here:

Senior Portraits Sonoma County_MG_3985_MG_3966_MG_3950_MG_3948Senior Portraits Sonoma County_MG_3880_MG_3846_MG_3829Senior Portraits Sonoma County_MG_3786(2)_MG_3764Senior Portraits Sonoma County_MG_3701Senior Portraits Sonoma County

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